Over four decades of professional representation!

 Scowcroft Associates has represented consumer electronic and related manufacturers in the Rocky Mountain and Southwest United States since 1970, founded on the principles that we are a partner both in the success of the manufacturers and the dealers that we service with our brands.


Our passion is representation of high performance brands that offer dealers the opportunity to grow their business and develop a loyalty to our products, insuring success and long term prosperity for our manufacturers, dealers and company. 


Our staff has extensive product experience in: 

  • Two-Channel Modern Analog.
  • Multi Channel Audio & Distribution.
  • Projection Video, DLP, LCOS, Anamorphic Applications.
  • Video Distribution 1080p/4k.
  • Automation Control, CEC, RS232, Ethernet
  • Power Control and Filtration.
  • Projection Screen Technologies, (Curved, Motorized, Light Filtered/Rejected, Acoustically Transparent.) 
  • Personal Audio, Headphones.
  • Custom Installation (In-Wall, In-Ceiling, Outdoor).
  • High-End Cables & Connectors.


With over four decades of relationships with the finest brick and mortar A/V retailers, custom integrators, distributors and regional big-box stores, we have the knowledge and understanding to build you a successful sales channel for your brand.  Whether you are a dealer looking for brands that you can build your reputation with, or a manufacturer looking for accounts to build your brand, Scowcroft Associates has the answers that will ensure future sales success for your company.