Megi Scowcroft  handles internal administration for Scowcroft Associates including payroll, accounts payables, new dealer applications and all operational matters regarding information flow. 

In addition Megi is responsible for key decision making processes relating to long-term strategies and operational directions of our Corporation.




Megi scowcroft

Vice President

Robert scowcroft


Robert (Bob) Scowcroft  has been a manufacturers representative for consumer electronics since 1978,  Account responsibilities include overseeing dealers based in Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Southern Utah and the Cities of El Paso, Texas and Las Vegas, Nevada.


Additional responsibilities include all duties associated as a rep principal / owner,  including, salesman management,  long-term product trends, sales forecasting, dealer-rep relations, manufacturer-rep relations, business finance and capitalization, training seminars and shows, newsletter and website publishing.


Carl Porter has been a manufacturers representative since 2000 when he contracted with Scowcroft Associates to handle accounts in Montana, Southeast Idaho, Wyoming, Northern Utah and Northern Colorado.


Carl has extensive experience in specialty audio retail sales prior to developing his passion as an independent sales representative.  Carl's industry and product knowledge has insured that he is a key resource for his dealers and integrators.

carl porter

Regional Sales Director